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If it's not 'Carrera" Digital',
   It's just another "1"!

Most will never have the opportunity to get into an actual race car.  'Checkered Flag', is here to address that very desire. Only with a scaled down approach of course!

  Checkered Flag Entertainment is the only 'digital' slot cat track that comes to you.  Imagine operating one of six cars, as well as racing with up to two computer controlled cars. All racing on the same two lanes! Almost every aspect of a real auto race is here in a smaller package.  Digital fuel cells, pit stops, drafting and passing with the push of a button!!

  The track is currently configured in a paperclip style oval. The current layout is over 40 feet of running length, with multiple lane changes, and pit stop lane with multiple pit stalls.  Timing is kept down to 1/1000th of a second via computerized lap counter.  Two LED towers constantly display each driver's position.  Each driver also has a display showing fuel capacity and throttle percentage!

  Cars are 1/32 scale, (roughly the size of a dollar bill). Speeds can be digitally set to accommodate
virtually everyone's capability.

                                                              Great for:      
                                                           Corporate Events
                                                               Birthday Parties
                                                          Team Building Activities
                                                             Grand Openings
                                                            Promotional Events
                                                               Block Parties
                                                                Car Shows
                                                         Advertising Promotions
                                                        Celebrations of all Kinds
                                                             School Events
                                                             Employee Day
                                                           Special Sales Day
                                                          many, many MORE!!

  Run your own Carrera 'Digital' cars or choose from my private collection of

Contact us:
(within the Tampa Bay area)

Brent Burk
Tampa, FL                                                                                                 
Phone: (813) 786-0082






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The 'Digital' slot car track that comes to you!
Checkered Flag Entertainment
  Welcome Race Fans!
The 'Digital' slot car track that comes to you!

Outside the Tampa Bay area
or out of state, contact:

Kerry Randels (Corporate Event Coordinator)
Atlanta, GA

1/32 Scale NASCARs !!